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Originally issued in late 2001, Sound-Dust found Stereolab firmly in the midst of their second phase. After taking a two-year break, the band returned with a strong melodic focus and a highly evolved, sophisticated style of writing that further displayed their growing talents. Many fans and critics consider the album to be among the group’s finest. Producers Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Gastr del Sol) and John McEntire (Tortoise, Sea and the Cake) returned to further Stereolab’s continuing evolution. The group brings a lighter, almost orchestral touch to the set of songs with unpredictable shifts in tempo and melody; this new approach is especially apparent on the lead single “Captain Easychord” and its warped, country-tinged feel. The avant-garde and lounge textures still remain, but are balanced by sun-kissed harmonies and breezy Tropicalia. Sound-Dust is another example of a pioneering band moving forward creatively. It’s a full-color collage of sound bursting with catchy refrains and exuberant rhythms. Always a band to add new twists to their sound, the 12-song set returns Stereolab to its most playful and otherworldly. Stereolab Sound-Dust Track Listing: LP1 1. Black Ants In Sound-Dust 2. Space Moth 3. Captain Easychord 4. Baby Lulu 5. The Black Arts 6. Hallucinex LP2 1. Double Rocker 2. Gus The Mynahbird 3. Naught More Terrific Than Man 4. Nothing To Do With Me 5. Suggestion Diabolique 6. Les Bons Bons Des Raisons

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