The Knife was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden by sister/brother duo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. Having released four albums as The Knife (including their operatic collaboration with Mt Sims and Planningtorock) and multiple side projects, the duo have proven themselves to be truly unique and prolific artists working by their own rules. Originally released in 2003, Deep Cuts is The Knife's second album and follow-up to their 2001 self-titled debut. Also released on the duo's own Rabid Records, Mute would reissue the Knife's first two albums in the US in 2006. The 14-song set features songs about women’s rights, the riot at the EU-summit meeting in Gothenburg, and love and includes the singles ”Got 2 Let U,” “Heartbeats” and “You Take My Breath Away.” The Knife Deep Cuts Track Listing: LP1 1. Heartbeats 2. Girls Night Out 3. Pass This On 4. One for You 5. The Cop 6. Listen Now 7. She's Having a Baby LP2 1. You Take My Breath Away 2. Rock Classics 3. Is It Medicine 4. You Make Me Like Charity 5. Got 2 Let U 6. Behind the Bushes 7. Hangin' Out

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