The Souljazz Orchestra, hailing from Ottawa Canada, are one of the hardest working bands in show business. For the last decade, Pierre Chrétien and company have been spreading the gospel of heavy funk, soul, Latin and African sounds via their crowd moving live show, and a catalogue of outstanding releases. SJO’s debut on Do Right!, ‘Freedom No Go Die’ showcases the roots of the band’s now undeniable afrobeat sound. The album notably includes ‘Mista President,’ the breakout single that started it all, a militant afro-banger that is still filling dancefloors internationally. After the success of ‘Freedom No Go Die,’ the Souljazz Orchestra toured internationally, picking up wisdom and influence from all over the globe. The product of hundreds of live shows, SJO’s follow-up album ‘Manifesto’ is decorated with massive chants and majestic brass flourishes, overheated organs, hypnotic bass and poly-rhythmic percussion work. The touch of spiritual jazz and tropical funk brings the band’s afrobeat to the next level, with content delving into the traditions of ancient folk tales and a deep-rooted togetherness in humanity that gives weight to their politically conscious message. As of 2014, ‘Freedom No Go Die’ and ‘Manifesto’ have been remastered for 180g vinyl.

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