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Never has a Twin Shadow record hit that sweet spot like Eclipse. Brimming with dramatic tension and explosive, emotional release, it's an album of heartbreaking uncertainty and anthemic longing, a soundtrack to self-doubt and desire and the kind of unshakeable, late-night thoughts that hold the promise of sleep dangling forever just out of reach. Eclipse, Lewis' third album as Twin Shadow, follows up on the international success of 2012's Confess. "I had moved to California after finishing the last record, and a lot of my time after the tour was spent in this little house on top of a hill in Silver Lake, just kind of being very secluded and not really socializing much," remembers Lewis, who was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Florida before relocating to Brooklyn, where he adopted the Twin Shadow moniker. In LA, he spent time restoring an old car and working on his motorcycle, embracing the privacy and welcome change of pace from the East Coast. He went for long drives around the city, listening to pop and hip hop radio for the first time in years. But when it came time to start thinking about his new record, the proximity of other homes clashed with his nocturnal recording tendencies, and so the hunt was on to find the perfect studio space, one where he could never, ever wake the neighbors. "We had played a show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery," Lewis remembers. "They have concerts there and we had played in the Masonic temple on the property, and my manager and I were discussing, how it would be cool if the cemetery had a place where we could set up a studio. At night there would be no one to disturb.'" Lewis took a tour of the grounds and fell in love with the historic chapel at the far end of the sprawling cemetery. "The Inside of it was empty, and there was this little, I guess it would have been a minister's quarters," he explains. "I could set up a control room there, and then I would have access to the large chapel space, as well. So we just jumped at the chance to do that and we started the whole process of building up my studio inside of this chapel in the cemetery." It was a spooky setting - especially considering Lewis recorded, produced, and engineered most of the album by himself in the dark of night - but it was also a beautiful one that lent the music an epic, spacious quality. Eclipse is the biggest sounding Twin Shadow record to date, scaling monumental emotional heights and facing down intense anxieties and moments of naked vulnerability head-on with a remarkable clarity of vision. Twin Shadow Eclipse Track Listing: 1. Flatliners 2. When The Lights Turn Out 3. To The Top 4. Alone (feat. Lily Elise) 5. Eclipse 6. Turn Me Up 7. I'm Ready 8. Old Love / New Love (feat. D'Angelo Lacy) 9. Half Life 10. Watch Me Go 11. Locked & Loaded

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