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One of the real boons of the digital revolution has been the steady reissuing of vintage recordings and unearthed gems. The music from Africa and the Caribbean have yielded more than its fair share of goodies, none better than Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay, a 16-song collection featuring an array of local artists who recorded between 1968-76 for the Freeport-based GBI label. The music is deeply influenced by the funk of Sly and the Family Stone, Otis Redding, and James Brown with touches of gospel, calypso, and jazz thrown in. Ozzie Hall's version of the Dave Brubeck hit 'Take Five' is an oddball treat. Never mind that 99% of music buyers will not recognize the names of the artists here, the music is warm and vibrant, filled with a myriad of hip-swaying grooves, soulful singing, and catchy songwriting. Another chapter in the Cult Cargo series, this collection may be the best one yet. Heavy funk from the Bahamas -- a whole bunch of groups that will show you that Nassau had a lot more to offer than The Beginning Of The End! The groove here is totally wonderful -- somewhat like American funk of the late 60s and early 70s, but served up with some very unusual rhythmic patterns too -- a bit Jamaican at times, but certainly not reggae -- and somewhat sunny and Caribbean styled, but not in a way that's cheesy or filled with any hokey island-styled stereotypes. Instead, the tunes are deeply funk and soulful -- grooving with plenty of dark edges and gritty instrumentation that's often heavy on the guitar. Many numbers have vocals, and those are great too -- and as usual with the Numero label, the whole thing's put together with amazing notes and packaging, so that you get a full history lesson and a heck of a lot of photos to support the music too! Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay Track Listing 1. Gonna Build a Nation - Cyril Ferguson 2. I Am the Man For You Baby - Jay Mitchell & the Mitchellites 3. Gimme Some Skin - Frank Penn 4. Words To My Song - Dry Bread 5. Goombay Bump - Jay Mitchell 6. Don't Touch That Thing - Sylvia Hall 7. Watcha Gonna Do 'Bout It - Mustangs 8. Gimme Some Skin - Frank Penn 9. Take Five - Ozzie Hall 10. Tighter & Tighter - Jay Mitchell 11. The Time For Loving Is Now - Mustangs 12. People Won't Change - Willpower 13. Funky Fever - Jay Mitchell 14. Theme From Shaft - Esquires Ltd. 15. Honesty Is the Best Policy - Gospel Chandeliers 16. Mustang Sally - Jay Mitchell

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