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Mauno - Tuning (LP)


Tuning (LP)

Label / Brand: Idee Fixe

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\342\200\234Still the noise in the mind, that is the first task,\342\200\235 wrote musicologist R. Murray Schafer in his defining book The Soundscape. \342\200\234Then everything else will follow in time.\342\200\235 Nova Scotia four-piece Mauno sound like they\342\200\231re striving for similar clarity on their adventurous new album Tuning \342\200\224 a record named after the book\342\200\231s subtitle, and similarly brimming with grand ideas. \012\012\342\200\234The Soundscape changed my life,\342\200\235 says singer/guitarist Nick Everett. \342\200\234It completely changed the way I move through the world.\342\200\235 The book is full of theories about the emotional attachments we form with our sonic environments. Tuning is therefore threaded with field recordings captured everywhere from Mauno's home in Halifax to Berlin and Heidelberg. \342\200\234We wanted to include little pieces of the places we\342\200\231ve lived,\342\200\235 says Everett. \014 \012There\342\200\231s a raw, guttural, emotional punch to Tuning too \342\200\224 tales of botched romance and misdirected dreams play out above its bed of crunchy guitars and crashing cymbals. \342\200\234It\342\200\231s a collection of reflections on the feeling of finally leaving, on the complexity of relationships, on what the end of something means,\342\200\235 say Mauno. \012\012In the 12 months since their last release, Rough Master, the members of Mauno have found that there\342\200\231s a thin line in love between joy and anxiety. From opener \342\200\234Or Just\342\200\235, a track \342\200\234about being in a loving relationship but being unable to lose the feeling that it\342\200\231s somehow unrequited,\342\200\235 to Niemi's slinking \342\200\234Other Bad\342\200\235 and its meditations on falling in and out love, Tuning treads that line like a tightrope. \012\012\342\200\234Anything Anymore,\342\200\235 written by guitarist Scott Boudreau, encapsulates this dichotomy through the balancing of light and heavy \342\200\224 pairing the mundane with the weight of waiting for love. \012\012This alchemy of crisp Faraquet-ish guitars, tumbling vocal melodies, and intense lyrical intimacy will come as no surprise to those who\342\200\231ve followed the band this far. \012\012Ever since forming in September 2014, Mauno (pronounced Mao-no, and ironically named after bassist / vocalist Eliza Niemi\342\200\231s completely unmusical Finnish grandfather) has had a wandering sound that refuses to be pinned down. On Rough Master, they strayed from twisting grunge-pop to piano ambience and string-accompanied haze, in part inspired by Niemi\342\200\231s background in classical cello and prog rock. \012\012Tuning is a different beast. \342\200\234It\342\200\231s a lot more pop-oriented and concise,\342\200\235 says Everett. \342\200\234Much more carefully crafted and a lot more cohesive. It\342\200\231s more mature, I think \342\200\223 but I\342\200\231ve listened to it about ten thousand fucking times so I don\342\200\231t know anything about it anymore,\342\200\235 he laughs. \012\012\342\200\234Still the noise in the mind, that is the first task." A smart, calming dose of indie existentialism, Tuning may help still the noise in yours.